Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

our memory~

our beri 1st movie 2gether... hehe but with jc/vin/jg oso lah hehehe :P still, it's our beri 1st movie hehe... n it's a beri unforgetable 1 for us hehehe... but sad thing is the movie's kinda boring... :P the comic version is nicer

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


got a cookie receipe from HX... wanna try to make cookies for a change hehehe... but then end up cus its the beri 1st time i try to bake... then the 1st batch of cookies came out to be "double chocolate chips" hahaha all burnt :P

tis is the 2nd batch... much much better looking then the 1st hehehe... smell chocolaty too hehehe

but overall... they look really burnt hehehe... its so hard to bake loh... not just controlling the heat n time... the preparations r just as hard... the mixing requires soo much energy loh, eventhough im using the electronic mixing... hehehe

these batch r much nicer looking hehehe... selected out just for my special 1... hehehe :P tried to make a heart shaped cookie... but the shape abit deformed lah :P hehehe

lastly... gotta tank HX/JC for the receipe hehehe :P

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


T1 is in a relationship with T2...

he will treasure her, cherish her, pamper her, care for her, look out for her, love her

Saturday, March 07, 2009

sweet sweet memory

T1 will nv forget the nite of 6th march n will always remember the moment on 7th march for the rest of his life... no matter wat :P

tink it's gonna become a habit for me to walk from bedok reservior to bedok north from now on hehehehe... but i like :P

hope my prolonged cough would be gone with this sweet sweet "Pi Pa Gao"... hehehehe

Monday, March 02, 2009

Natas Fair 2009

did a part time job at EXPO last weekend for 3 days... as a flyer distributor for Tenet Insurance at the Natas Fair 2009... not bad lah... 3 days $250 plus lunch n dinner provided... plus free entrance to the fair... plus can look at travel info... plus got lots n lots of gals to see wahahaha :P

but the down side is that it's really beri tiring loh... stand n walk whole day from 10am - abt 9.30pm... got some breaks inbetween besides the 2 meal breaks lah... but still after the 1st day already beri tiring le... still it was quite fun lah... gotta see n know ppl hehehe...

this booth design really caught my attention loh... don't think those pineapples r fake ok... all of them r real fruits... cus on the last day we could really smell the pineapple even just by walking past it... haha

can u spot the celebrity in the pic below? hahaha

yesh... he is none other than Moses Lim hehehe... actually he doesn't look that fat leh... think it's really different when u see a celebrity on tv n in real person hehehe...

this is our uniform n balloons... we look like CWOs rite hahaha... or cleaners for the fair wahahaha... but it helps lah... it draws attention from ppl... somemore each of us gotta strap a balloon on us... n walk around n distribute flyers...

this was the 2nd nite of the fair already... we ran out of flyers meant for that day... nothing else to give out so we grouped together n form a line n paraded around the fair wahahaha... it was rather effective loh... cus lots off ppl look at us... n wan flyers from us... but we haf none left... just gotta tell them where our booth was located :P

the last day was the best... somehow one of our balloons took flight n went up the ceiling... then we gotta get it down... by using another balloon, attaching a longer string to it n try to fish the castaway down using doublesided tape on the balloon hehehehe... was so funny i video it... took us abt 4mins to get it down hahaha... everyone was looking at what was happening... can view the video in my facebook hehehe

Thursday, February 26, 2009

1 Day KL Trip on 25th Feb

took the nite flight to Kuala Lumpur on 24th Feb... the flight was supposed to depart from SG at abt 9pm but then when we got there the flight was delayed till 11.15pm... y? cus it's Tiger Airways... always delay flights...

it's the 1st time i been to the budget terminal... hmm... not bad lah the place hehe just that the drinks there r priced at a crazy rate... 1 can of drink cost $1.70... was really thirsty then, so no choice gotta buy it...

so to pass the time we went to T2 for dinner at BK... i think the service of fastfood might need abit of improvement... after i received our meals, i noticed she over charged me, she's busy at that moment so i waited for her to give me back the right change... then the barley drink was really just plain water with the smell of barley? hehehe don't know y, but that time at tampines subway... the barley was also just plain water... i didn't change it cus it was too late when i realised it... i was already in the car driving home...

anywayz... hehe i went to the toilet at T2, n i notice this cute thingy... they got a toilet seat designed for kids too... haha just need to lower down the smaller seat that's all hehehe... sooo cute... :P

then we took the shutter bus back to budget terminal... didn't realise the shutterbus operates thoughout the whole day... well, there's a break somewhere inbetween lah hehe can't expect them to drive 24hrs

finally got our boarding ticket... but with some delay again, cus we were supposed to check-in at abt 7+pm but we thought since the flight was delayed... we could check-in later... who knows when we came back, the check-in counter was already closed... we end up gotta get the ppl from their office to help open the counter again to check us in hehehe :P

hehe i took this pic from my seat in the plane again... that time i went cambodia i oso took such a pic... dont know y oso... just like to take this pic hahaha :P

then finally... we arrived at KL at abt 1am in the morning... then we took a cab to our hotel in downtown KL, n it cost us abt RM92 loh... n the journet to our hotel was abt 1hr... so we reached there at abt 2am... we were just hungry n tired loh... after we checked into our rooms, we came down again to buy cup noodles n drinks from the 7-11 inside the hotel hehehe :P

the hotel not bad... although not much to look at but it has got a small 7-11 n that's just what everyone needs hahaha... plus there's a small subway, a small kopitiam hehehe... n our rooms oso quite small hehe but gd enough

oh n their rooms haf got lots n lots of mirrors... ranging from big wall mirrors to small toilet mirrors... hahaha i wonder y soo much mirrors in a room... hmm...

oh n this is the mac poster in the room... with no minimum order... hahahaha

oh n the room doesn't haf a wardrope... just this built in wall hanger hehe...

this is the monorail from the view from my room window...

n this is the morning view of KL... so cloudy... looks so nice hehehe

could see part of the Twin Towers behind the buildings after the clouds starts to move away...

a much clearer but far view of the Twin Towers hehehe...

tada... the m'sia monorail 'transitlink card' hahaha

me n eve, our tour guide for the day in KL hehehe... she came to SG n i was her guide at sentosa... now we switched roles... she's bringing me n shiryn around KL hehehehe

we got bread talk... they got bread history hahahaha :P

this is the Time Square shopping centre... a HUGE shopping centre...

cus they even got an amusement park with a roller coaster too... all these inside the shopping centre loh... omg...

me n shiryn...
me n eve... btw that bag i holding is not mine wahahaha...

but i still wanna pose with it hahahaha... even the uncle behind was stun by my actions? hahahaha

finally gotta haf a break from shopping... actually for me it's a break from carrying all the stuffs that i didn't buy wahahaha :P how can gals buy so much clothes? wahahaha :P we stopped at Old Town Cafe for lunch... tks eve, for the meal hehehe... next time i'm treating...

see these bags? none r mine :P actually they're not heavy lah... only the handbag was heavy...

this is M'sia ktv... called green box... the pic not so clear lah... but those 2 tube shape rooms on the left? they could actually fit abt 3-4 pax in it... n ppl do sing inside it wahaha... looks creative... but kinda small... most probably suitable for couples? hahaha but not much privacy lah :P

shiryn trimming her fringe... quite cheap... but the thing is... the final look doesn't seem any diff from before leh... i could haf done the same thing with a pair of scissors hahahaha much more cheaper... oh n the stylist... as to what eve n shiryn said lah... was beri pretty n fair... but i didn't notice much of her looks :P maybe was too tired already hahaha

see my tired look? hahahaha

putting on a smile... oso quite tiring :P

then after that we met up with shiryn's KL frenz n had a drink before heading to the KL central to take a bus straight back to LCCT, the budget terminal in KL... the journey was oso 1hr... but was way way cheaper... only RM9 per pax...

we reached the airport just in time at abt 9.15pm... after check-in i still got time to buy cuttlefish hahahaha :P then sit n waited to be boarded...

shiryn was having gastric... so bought a chicken sandwich on the flight... cost abt SG$7 loh... hahaha so exp loh :P but looks nice lah... i always liked the food served on the flights... they just taste different hehehe... kinda nice in a certain way :P

finally we reached SG at abt 11pm... then shopped again at the duty-free shops in budget terminal... then we took separate cabs home... hehe then for the 1 Day in KL i only bought a hp accessory strap with mahjong design... n 3 packs of cuttlefish hahahaha :P but i enjoyed the trip lah hehe gotta see what KL looks like hehehe